Single-Source Course

with Bryan Chapman

Bryan Chapman, Chief Learning Strategist at the Chapman Alliance, is renowned for teaching world-class organizations how to implement successful single-source learning development strategies.

Recently, he practiced what he preached and used Xyleme technology to turn the content of his highly sought-after, two-day instructional workshop into an actual single-source course. Furthermore, using Xyleme technology, the course can be published to numerous print, Web, and mobile outputs. Single-Source Course

You can download the course materials in any of the following formats:

  • Print materials (Instructor Guide, Student Guide, and PowerPoint)
  • eLearning course
  • Tablet app

This single-source course was produced for educational purposes by Chapman Alliance and Xyleme, Inc. The contents of this four-hour course are available under Creative Commons licensing, so you can share the course with others as long as you (1) credit the source and (2) don’t sell any part of the course materials (or use them as material in tandem with services).

Source Accreditation: Chapman, B. (2012). Developing Single Source Learning. Online course and support materials, produced by Chapman Alliance LLC and Xyleme, Inc. (

Thank you for your interest! 

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